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"Etoile: A French word for 'star,' symbolizing brilliance and beauty in the celestial sky."

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"Celestial Radiance: Wear the Stars, Shine Like the Universe"

Cosmic Glow Tees

Cosmic Glow Tees

"Cosmic Glow Tees brings the fascinating glow of stars and galaxies to... 

K-Pop Universe

K-Pop Universe

Dive into the vibrant world of K-Pop with our Universe Collection, featuring... 

Special Designs

Special Designs

Here is a product designed just for you, tailored to your unique... 

  • Green Color Phenomenon

    Normally, galaxies can appear in various colors, but the term "green galaxy" can refer to a specific type of galaxy or phenomenon. These galaxies may appear green due to intense star formation, energy-emitting gases, or specific chemical compositions.

  • Star Formation and Green Galaxies

    Galaxies with intense star formation can emit light in certain colors due to the presence of hot, young stars. The high energy in these galaxies can ionize gas clouds, causing them to emit light at specific wavelengths.

  • Green Pea Galaxies

    Discovered in 2007 as part of the Galaxy Zoo project, "green pea" galaxies are small, compact galaxies. They appear green due to strong oxygen emission lines and typically contain intense star formation.

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